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Things to ask when buying a Log Cabin

Things to ask yourself before choosing a log cabin.



It’s important to think about this question carefully, we recommend making a check list so you buy a log cabin that suits your needs perfectly, remember to include Internal size/space needed, what you need it for, how much natural light do you want, how many rooms do you need, how warm will it be during the winter months, what is your budget, will you need planning permission, remember the cabins quality should be as important to you as the style.


Question 1:   What do you need your Log cabin for?


  • Do you want it for garden storage - If so we have we a range of cabins in shed style
  • A garden room to sit and enjoy your garden - If so we have log cabins with extra long windows which are also great as high quality potting sheds/artist studios
  • A game room to play pool or table tennis - If so you would need a cabin which is large enough to give you enough room to use your Que, we would recommend approx 4ft clearance around your pool table as a minimum and a minimum wood thickness of 44mm to keep you warm
  • A Granny annex – Warmth and enough space should be your main objection. All of our log cabins are available in Twin skin/Dual wall or you can have them insulated and lined with plaster board, you can also add or remove internal walls, windows and doors and if that’s not enough you can even have a cabin built to suit your design/size requirements.
  • Log cabins for commercial use – interlocking timber buildings are a great replacement for your old porta-cabins, remember wood with insulation has great thermal values
  • Home & garden office – We would recommend a minimum wood thickness of 44mm which will keep you warm with the use of a heater, but for maximum warmth we recommend insulated cabins, either twin skins or lined & insulated cabins
  • To house a hot tub or a sauna – We can re-enforce the joists on any cabin to carry even the heaviest of hot tubs you can also add extra doors for the Alfresco feeling or if you require more privacy we have a modern design cabin which has no windows, (if you are using a cabin with anything that may increase moisture in the air we recommend that you use a dehumidifier)
  • Interlocking Garages – We can supply both a single garage or double garages, also single storey and two storey garages and if that’s not enough we can even do twin skin garages with office/storage/utility rooms added on


Question 2:  What you should always ask log cabin companies before you buy to check their quality?


  • Do they use finger joints in their interlocking walls or inner T&G floors/ceilings? The reason why you should ask this question is simple- finger jointed wood weakens the cabin and is hard to get an even protective finish when staining so it ends up looking like a patch work quilt
  • What windows and doors do they use? This is very important as most cabins still stock inferior windows and doors that suffer from drafts & leaks. ( Do not settle for anything less than windows with weatherproof seals however if you want real joinery quality you should look out for the Langham range of windows which have Weatherproof seals, tilt and turn double glazing and 5 point locking systems these windows are of the highest quality)

Do they use filler? You shouldn’t buy from companies that use filler as this suggests that the quality of there wood is inferior not forgetting that filler doesn’t stain well and looks awful